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ImpactByChoice Podcast - Ep. 14 "Mentorship is a 2-way street" (with Darrel Frater)

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Bucharest, Romania

Darrel Frater had contact with entrepreneurship from a tender age, as he learned it first hand from his father. Ever since, Darrel has been passionate about startups.

In college, Darrel grew a strong passion for mentoring, while obtaining his bachelor’s in business from The College of New Jersey.

​A year after graduation, he worked at a Fortune 500 company, yet after 2 years he felt unfulfilled and developed a strong urge to continue serving others.

​His passions for problem solving, mentoring, and entrepreneurship led him to officially begin his entrepreneurial journey with the departure from his job in June of 2018. He is confident that a shift toward social entrepreneurship will make this world a better place for every member of humanity.

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