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Andrada Anitei -- WorkApp

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Andrada Anitei
București, ROU

Published author & writer with a passion for storytelling.

An editor, meant to make your texts shine.

A proofreader with a sensitive critic eye.

A web designer, focused on small details.

A mom of 2, coffee lover, amateur photographer and a great connector, passionate by human behavior, personal development and humanitarian campaigns.

Reach out and let's change the world! ☺

Andrada's Listings

21 HRS Ago
București, ROU

Programme Specifications

The Holistic Creative Writing Programme (prose) is a special programme (outside of the regular school classes) that entails the following:

Descriptive writing

Narrative writing

Lateral thinking skills

Other life skills that no school curricula will provide, such as emotional wellbeing and effective communication skills (both orally and in written)

All children attending this course will be interactively participating, with no discrimination, under no circumstance!

As a result of attending this programme, children will learn to compassionately interact with each other, accept diversity, encourage the others to give their best and gain the self-confidence that a future writer (creative mind) needs in order to succeed. They will be motivated and encouraged to let their imagination flow during dedicated activities (for example, describing an object beyond its appearance).


Lesson 1: Discovery session

Lesson 2: Descriptive writing

Lesson 3: Interactive sentence construction and use of senses

Lesson 4: Character(s) outline

Lesson 5: Interactive story creation around an object

Lesson 6: Predict the outcome

Lesson 7: Narrative description

Lesson 8: Figurative language (learning about metaphors and onomatopoeia)

Lesson 9: Illustrations

Lesson 10: Teacher’s journey as author + homework for Lesson 11

Lesson 11 (Bonus): Completion ceremony – feedback from the kids & homework presentation


Upon completion of the course, each child will be awarded the opportunity to have their work published on the teacher’s website (under pen name - if required, or real name - if allowed), as well as on various social media channels, with parents’ approval only.

Mode of study:

On-line class (10 participants)

Age category:

6-11 years old


11 weeks (1 hour / week, on Friday afternoon)

Price/ child/ session*:

15 USD (no other fees required)

* The full payment includes 10 hours of course. Lesson 11 is free!

Booking and payment procedure:

50% down-payment** on booking date

50% balance 1 week before the classes begin.

** Down-payment is non-refundable.

Contact: anitei.andrada@gmail.com /

Should any change be made to the curricula or any of the below mentioned information, a written note will be provided to the attendees’ parents/ legal tutors and all parties involved.

The Man, the Moon and the Casquette

A fiction story, based on real life lessons learned by the author.

An uplifting content piece that anyone should have in their (virtual) library.

If you'd like to find out more, please feel free to send me a message or an email. ☺


A show dedicated to the ones who call themselves truth seekers - personal development advocates. You get a chance to take a trip into my thought process, as well as to my guests', as we will bring you weekly interviews (every Friday) unveiling the truth behind a façade. Real life, inspirational stories everyone can learn from.

At the same time, a show that will take you on a discovery journey into my writings and my published work. Every Thursday I will bring a special guest to discuss paragraphs from "The Man, the Moon and the Casquette", a Self-development book, which conveys the message as a fiction book.

Additionally, you get a great chance of learning how I can help you convey your own message in an appealing manner, by offering some free tips. As a bonus, you will find out how you can enroll into my writing coaching programme and how will this help you become a loved writer.

4 DAYS ago
București, Romania


4 DAYS ago
București, ROU

If you have an awesome life story but you have no-one to help you with putting it into words, a website or even a logo, reach out to me.

Everything that we learn is a story on itself. Exposing it to the world may help someone overcome a fear or a critical moment and can give them hope that the silver line is there somewhere, waiting to be found.

Go to https://andradasworld.com or email me at anitei.andrada@gmail.com and let's make you visible with the power of storytelling.



4 DAYS ago
București, ROU

Published author, writer, interviewer, book editor and people lover.