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ImpactByChoice Podcast - Ep. 07 "Balance vs. Integration" (with Kyle Crooke)

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Bucharest, Romania

Kyle Crooke is a 26 year-old writer, consultant and content creator, who aims to "add value to “purpose seekers” by offering motivational and personal development content that encourages them to lead more purposeful, passionate, and persistent lives". At the same time, he is a fitness passionate who used to have people anxiety during college years.

He created a short e-book, called "Your Motivation Mission", which can be downloaded for free from his website ( and which is conceived as a daily motivator, for 31 days.

In today's episode, we talk about life-work balance, faith, fitness, writing, engagement in the workplace and more.

You can connect or reach out to Kyle by checking his LinkedIn profile ( or via Instagram (

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