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ImpactByChoice Podcast - [Bonus] Book insights with Rahila Khan (Ep. 02)

Refreshed Over 30 DAYS
Bucharest, Romania

- Please listen to the first episode of this series before listening to this one, for a better understanding and in order to get a continuity.
- Please bear with us, both myself and my guest faced several technical challenges, but nothing can stop our adventure. :)

Arian's Wake-up call
Arian's life goes like this for too many years, without having the strength to speak up for himself and his right to be heard and to live in a peaceful home. The day he turns 35, however, he realizes - under no extraordinary circumstances - that he is more than that and he inwardly expresses his determined willingness to understand and to discover more about who he really is and about his purpose on earth. In his way, he meets Rada...

At the end of today's episode, Rahila addresses 2 very thought-provoking questions to you all. As we wish to hear from you and discuss your feedback in a future episode, feel free to leave us a voice message (if you listen via Anchor) or send us an email to

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