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Andrada Anitei

ImpactByChoice Podcast - [Bonus] Book insights with Rahila Khan (Ep. 01)

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Bucharest, Romania

Every Thursday, Impact by Choice podcast will bring you a special (bonus) episode, which aims to provide you with insights from my book - "The Man, the Moon and the Casquette" and wisdom related to the lessons in the story.

For this endeavor, Rahila Khan will be your co-host for the #bookinsightsseries, offering you the opportunity to learn more about who she is, what she does and how did she perceive this writeup.

In reference to her Linkedin profile, Rahila Khan is an educationist, a Journey practitioner, a facilitator of emotional & spiritual intelligence program, lateral thinking skills & problem solving techniques.

Everything she will be sharing in this series, in reply to my questions, is as result of her over 30 years of direct experience in facilitating workshops for children, women, professionals and businesses, as advocate in leadership of love.

You can address any questions to my guest by leaving a voice message or by sending us a message to the below mentioned e-mail. We would be more than happy to engage with your queries and answer in a future episode. You can reach out to Rahila via her Linkedin profile ( or her website -

In today's episode, we discuss chapter 01, the summary of which you can find below.

The first chapter, called "A simple man", presents the main character's family history and actual environment. Arian's parents love glamour, as they consider themselves superior to others and fully entitled to be adored. Therefore, they throw loud parties until late at night. At the same time, as a guiding characteristic of their existence, they stick to the syntax "it has always been this way".

Additionally, from early ages of Arian's existence, the parents find out about Arian's brain exceptional capacities and that makes them despise their child.
Due to all the above mentioned aspects, the parents would do anything to put their child down, making him feel miserable, unwanted and unloved. As a consequence, Arian grows up with a strong feeling of unworthiness, carrying a serious lack of self-esteem into adulthood.

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