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Andrada Anitei

Impact By Choice podcast

Refreshed Over 30 DAYS
București, Romania

A show dedicated to the ones who call themselves truth seekers - personal development advocates. You get a chance to take a trip into my thought process, as well as to my guests', as we will bring you weekly interviews (every Friday) unveiling the truth behind a façade. Real life, inspirational stories everyone can learn from.

At the same time, a show that will take you on a discovery journey into my writings and my published work. Every Thursday I will bring a special guest to discuss paragraphs from "The Man, the Moon and the Casquette", a Self-development book, which conveys the message as a fiction book.

Additionally, you get a great chance of learning how I can help you convey your own message in an appealing manner, by offering some free tips. As a bonus, you will find out how you can enroll into my writing coaching programme and how will this help you become a loved writer.