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Impact By Choice Podcast - Ep. 18 - CEO challenge (with Shane Wallace)

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București, ROU

Shane Wallace is the CEO of WorkApp, a platform that allows everyone to advertise for FREE. In the name of transparency, I will tell you that the first challenge was to actually have Shane accepting to re-record this episode. And the reason behind this was the fact that I wanted to give you, the listeners, a different perspective on who Shane Wallace is. In the first place, we had a normal, serious conversation, but I wanted to break the pattern for a short while. So, despite the support that I like to offer to this project, in this episode my challenge goes exactly towards the flispside. We had a lot of fun while recording this episode, so I hope you will have fun as you listen to our conversation too. If you do, please leave us a review on iTunes and share it with everyone you know. You can download WorkApp here 👇 And you can get in touch and/ or follow Shane via his LinkedIn profile here 👇 We look forward to learning from you, so remember that you can leave us a voice message (if you listen via Anchor app) or send us an email to Thank you for tuning in!