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Andrada Anitei

Flavored Ventures SRL

Refreshed Over 30 DAYS ago
255, Pantelimon Street, București, Romania

Imagine yourself in the land of #beauty.

What is the first thing you would crush your sight to?

And what is the meaning you would give to "beauty"? How would you describe it?

There must be some flavor, somewhere. Beauty needs to catch your senses, doesn't it?

Whether it is a smell, a taste or a touch, it is all about senses. And who knows how to reach out to those senses wins.

That's what we, at Flavored Ventures, are up to! Our clients come to us for:

🖋️ #FlavoredWriting - We create engaging, emotional content
🖋️ Text Editing - Your text shines with us
🖋️ Web Design - Your online home deserves a welcoming environment
🖋️ Mobile Apps Development - Turn your business into an app and your customers will love it
🖋️ Video Creation - ride the wave and reach up to 80% more customers
🖋️ Video Editing - enrich motion with text, music, effects and so much more.

Our clients recommend us because we know how to convey that sensitive message they have in their sleeve in a fashion that touches customers' souls.

Schedule your free call today or send us an email. We look forward to collaborating with you!

"Creativity unleashed" is not just a tagline. It is THE tagline!