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Lesson 01: Discovery session
Lesson 02: Descriptive writing
Lesson 03: Interactive sentence construction and use of senses
Lesson 04: Character(s) outline
Lesson 05: Interactive story creation around an object
Lesson 06: Predict the outcome
Lesson 07: Narrative description
Lesson 08: Figurative language (learning about/ usage of metaphors and onomatopoeia)
Lesson 09: Illustrations
Lesson 10: Teacher’s journey as author + homework for Lesson 11
Lesson 11 (Bonus): Completion ceremony – feedback from the kids & homework presentation

Upon completion of the course, each child will be awarded the opportunity to have their work published on the teacher’s website (under pen name - if required, or real name - if allowed), as well as in a book and/ or on various social media channels, with parents’ approval only.

Mode of study:
On-line class (5 participants)

Age category:

7-16 years old, in 3 groups:

7-10 / 11-13 / 14-16

Starting date:
June 1st, 2019

11 weeks (1 hour / week)

Price/ child*:
500 USD (no other fees required)

* The full payment includes 10 hours of course. Lesson 11 is free!

Booking and payment procedure:

The number of seats is limited to 15, so reservations will be made upon payment receipt.

Payment will be made in full, into the provided secured PayPal account, which pertains to the teacher.

Confirmation of seat booking will be sent via email.

Refund policy:

Should the course be cancelled (out of teacher's fault) payment will be refunded within 30 days.

Should the attendance be cancelled by the student, the payment is non refundable (except for reasons outside the atendee's fault).

For any additional information, you can contact me directly via WorkApp enquiry or by email, at

Should any change be made to the curricula or any of the above mentioned information, a written communication will be provided to the attendees’ parents/ legal tutors and all parties involved.

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