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ImpactByChoice Podcast - Ep. 05 "Teach boys respect for women!" (with Caroline Fernandes)

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Bucharest, Romania

Caroline Fernandes is a seasoned Executive Coach, with 20 years of experience serving global multinational companies. Currently, she is the co-CEO for a learning consulting company, called TirGlobal and the co-CEO of a mentoring platform, called MentorYouGlobal.

Over the last five years, she chose to dive into harnessing inclusive spaces that offer tools for businesses to thrive. She enjoys the sweet spot between Coaching, Creating Inspirational Content and Social Entrepreneurship, as her life's passion and mission.

As a human behind the scenes, she's the mother of a wise 14 year-old young man, a mindfulness practitioner, a lover of community an she loves baking gluten free cakes!

You can reach out to Caroline via her LinkedIn profile (

In today's episode, Caroline Fernandes tells us the story of her journey from an inexperienced wedding dresses manufacturer to a Leadership coach and mentor. As we dive in, we also discuss about meditation, how she teaches her son respect for women, how can we avoid bulling in schools and many more.

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