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Elaine Glencoe

YOU + 1% Today!

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Philadelphia, USA

What’s the reeeeallly big thing you have always wanted to do / become?

What would your future look / feel like if YOU took one small action step (+1%) towards making that a reality TODAY?

I empower mid-career to senior level leaders who are looking to take “pretty successful” and turn it into the stuff legacies are made of!

Reach out when you are ready to…
✔️ make a difference
✔️ have an impact
✔️ leave a legacy
✔️ Become Even More Amazing #BEMA

I also edify emerging / newly-promoted leaders to be able to inspire teams, clients / customers, and even your boss!

Reach out when you are ready to become a more…
✔️ effective communicator
✔️ engaging public speaker
✔️ powerful presenter
✔️ persuasive leader

Come prepared to take your chosen action steps starting TODAY!
And to have fun / laugh along the way to becoming your even more amazing YOU!

1% about me:
✔️ International Coach Federation (ICF) professional certified coach (PCC)
✔️ Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) certified coach
✔️ DISC assessment certified coach / trainer
✔️ Corporate trainer certified
✔️ Body language trainer
✔️ Lean culture certified
✔️ Kaizen facilitator certified
✔️ Lean Six Sigma White Belt certified
✔️ Accent modification instructor

My holistic coaching approach draws from evidence-based research in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, mindfulness, and strengths.

One of my secret superpowers is calmly and effectively communicating during life and death / high-stress situations - a skill I honed during 16 years working in acute care hospitals as a speech-language pathologist!

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for some of my communication and leadership tips, podcast guest appearances, and webinars:

My MBTI type: IS F/T J
My natural DISC style: ICS
My top 5 CliftonStrengths: Learner, Relator, Developer, Focus, Harmony