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Sara Troy

Self Discovery Media PODCAST Network

Refreshed 24 DAYS ago
Victoria, Canada

We at Self Discovery Media serve those making a difference in the lives of others, from a Solo-preneur to Entrepreneur, small or mid-size business, we wish to help people find you.
Self Discovery Media network has been around for 6 years interviewing courageous and strong people doing exceptional things that enable us all to embrace our redirect into our own awesomeness, are you one of them?
We value the people who through their own life’s journey have stepped into being of serves to others and that is why we serve Self Discovery Community organization, where we support those in need of guidance and those giving it.
Self Discovery Media and Community org are here to share the stories from those who have walked in courage and strength that inspire us to embrace our own beautiful journey. By sharing the inspiration we invite our listeners to see within themselves something that will propel them forward into their own meaningful abundance. In return we see a global community grow in respect of all life, develope in self-value, ignite caringness, kindness guidance and love towards life planet and love.

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Victoria, Canada

You have shared you WHY now it is time to share your how and what. Become a part of the Business Discovery Directory to learn how our network can serve you today. We want to support you our insightful guests with our Business Discovery Directory that is comprised of you the experts who have shared your WHY with us through our interviews. You are skilled professions that aim to help those who are transitioning into a redirection of their lives with your knowledgeable skills and tools such as our interviews with you, a business page on your services, your videos, coaching programs and wholistic wellness plus more services.