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Printstock Products

Printstock Products Ltd

Choosing the correct food packaging plays a vital part in making food items more appealing to the consumer and increasing shelf life.

Printstock Products provides a "one-stop" solution for all your packaging product needs. A leading printing & laminating company, Printstock NZ have won a range of awards, including 'Exporter of the Year', the 'City of Napier Mayoral Enterprise Award' and the 'Tradenz Export Award'.

We have a large range of packaging products to suit the needs of suppliers and manufacturers. Offering food packaging, printing, laminating, cello bags, film packaging, paper packaging and foil packaging solutions.

A significant part of our production capacity is exported and we form long-lasting partnerships with clients by manufacturing cost-effective, safe and attractive food packaging products from paper, aluminium foil and packaging film.

Our multi-coloured flexographic printing, laminating and embossing capabilities enable us to create individually tailored solutions for packaging like chocolate foil, pie-wrap, confectionery bags, biscuit packaging, and paper gift-wrap.

Food & Pie packaging-

The NZ food manufacturing industry meets high standards regarding the quality of its products and the packaging industry plays an important role in this process because of factors like shelf life, freshness, hygiene and product appeal.

Printstock Products has designed its food & pie packaging products with the following objectives in mind:

to extend shelf life

to keep food items fresh as long as possible.

to provide a physical protection against tampering, bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

to enhance product appeal and create a great looking product.

to allow certain products to breathe, whilst keeping the food crisp and delicious.

to provide "easy-tear" opening solutions (e.g the perforating process)

Our food & pie packaging is produced from high quality materials enhanced with colourful printing to show branding and product information:

Foil rolls.
Film wrap.
Baking paper.
Heat Seal film.
Greaseproof paper.
High quality printed packaging makes your product stand out from the competition.

Printstock Products is renowned for the quality of its printed packaging. We produce outstanding printed images, food handling instructions and product information, optimising branding and customer appeal.

Soloflex for quality printed packaging nz-

Our machinery includes modern 4, 6 and 8 colour flexo-printers which are built for speed, accuracy and versatility, producing attractive and cost-effective food packaging materials.

Our printing and laminating process could give your product the edge over the competition! We print film, foil and paper up to widths of 1100 mm, either roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet.

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